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Healthspan DNA: The goal is not your lifespan, it's your healthspan.

Change the Way You Age.

What We Do

Using your DNA to discover your individual blueprint

Are you concerned about brain health?

Are you worried about developing conditions - such as Alzheimer's Disease, type 2 diabetes or heart disease - that can be associated with aging and/or lifestyle?

Do you know that some of the answers are in your DNA?

DNA testing is a clinical decision support tool to help you gain knowledge about your health risks. Knowing your risks gives you the power to take action now to minimize those risks.

Nancy Wood, APRN, can help guide you through your DNA results. She is a family nurse practitioner certified as a ReCODE 2.0 practitioner through Dr. Dale Bredesen's Apollo Health. She has additional training in functional medicine, a degree in nutrition, certification as personal trainer, and training as a yoga instructor. She will use this broad range of knowledge to partner with you to maximize your health and your healthspan.

To learn more about the information that DNA testing can offer you, please click the button below.

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